What to Say to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In Your Arms after a Painful Breakup

What to Say to Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackHave you been thoroughly considering what to say to get your ex girlfriend back? The fact is that, getting her back is easier than you think. However, men find it difficult to control their feelings. Women can easily detect the feelings of men from their face. More often than not, men allow their emotions take charge of them and so they eventually start pleading and begging their ex to reconcile with them. Well, this will do more harm than good because you are going to give her the impression that you are desperate and immature. This will definitely make her pull further away from you. Nevertheless, if you want to know things to tell your ex girlfriend to win her back, then continue reading.


One of the most important thing you can say to get your ex girlfriend back is tell her you are sorry. Apologizing to her will help a great deal; it doesn’t really matter if she was wrong. This is the wrong time to start blaming each other for the breakup. In fact, trying to let her know what she did wrong that eventually led to the breakup will do more harm than good to the relationship, and will definitely make her pull further away from you. So what you should do initially is to sincerely apologize for what you did wrong. However, that doesn’t mean you should begin pleading and begging her, just apologize once and that’s all. Simply say “I’m sorry” and nothing more than that.


One mistake a lot of men make in trying to reconcile with their ex is to tell her how much he loves her and can’t live without her. Avoid doing this at all cost. Rather, let her know that the breakup was the best decision for you two. Give her the impression that you are pleased with the idea. I know telling your ex that you agree with the breakup is easier said than done, but this is something you have to say to get your ex girlfriend back.


What she needs to know at the moment is to be sure she took the right decision by breaking up with you, despite the fact that you are finding it difficult to succumb. So if you make her believe she took the wrong decision, she is definitely going to pull further away from you, and probably end the relationship for good. If you allow things to deteriorate to this extent, then you might never be able to win her back.


She wants someone to reassure her that she had made the right decision. If you can’t be that person, she is going to go in search for the right person to cheer her up, and thereby diminishing your chances of getting back together.


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