What to Say to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back and Make Him Love You Again

What to say to get your ex boyfriend back? If you’re asking this question now chances are that you want to get back together with him. There are specific things to say to win him back. The moment most women realize that there are specific things to say to win back their ex, they wrongly conclude concerning what those words are. Perhaps you may think that telling him that it’s impossible for you to move on without him or that he would always be a most special person in your life will help you get him back. Saying this could do more harm than good to your relationship. You must understand that men view breakup differently from women. So what do you say to get your ex boyfriend back? Continue reading to find out.

The first thing to say to get your ex boyfriend back is “I’m sorry”. You may think it’s not necessary, but it’s. In fact, it’s the very first step you should take in order to get him back. Most women sit back and wait for their ex to apologize first. The fact is that the breakup was as a result of something both of you did wrong in the relationship, and the earlier you realize this, the better. Stop blaming him for what went wrong, but rather accept your mistakes and apologize. One of the reasons breakup happens is because none of the parties claim to be at fault. Telling him that you are sorry shows that you are mature and willing to do things right if given a second chance. However, don’t launch into a long and drawn out monologue, simply say “I’m sorry” and that is it.

Another thing to say to get your ex boyfriend back is to tell him that the breakup was a good idea. Tell him you are fine with the breakup and that you think you both need space. This seems impossible for you to do, right? This is because he is the one that doesn’t want you and you’re trying to make him change his decision. Pay attention now, if you continue acting needy and pushy, you may end up losing him for good. What you must understand is that men view relationship differently from women. The fact is that men always want what they can’t get, and so telling him that you are fine with the breakup makes you a challenge and definitely irresistible. This is the reason you must be courageous to tell him that you’re fine with the breakup. Don’t cry when you are telling him but rather smile. Give him space for sometime after telling him this. It won’t be long before he would come crawling back to you to take him back because he has now found you irresistible since you no longer want him.

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