Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me and Want Me Back

“Does my ex boyfriend still love me?” This question really bothers you, doesn’t it? You still love him, he means the world to you and you aren’t sure if he is on the same page as you are regarding getting back together. The worst mistake you could ever make is to conclude wrongly that he still loves you when he doesn’t. There are actually some signs your ex boyfriend still loves you that will give you a glimpse into how he feels about you.

Staying in Contact

One of the signs that your ex boyfriend still loves you is if he still stays in contact. If he has contacted you since the breakup, then this is a sure sign that he is not over you. It doesn’t matter if it was just a short phone call to know if you are okay; it still indicates that he still has feelings for you. The fact that he made contact with you implies that you still have a chance to get back together. It’s now left for you to make the next move.


Has your ex boyfriend been asking mutual friends about you? If he ask mutual friends about your whereabouts or how you are doing, you can be sure that the answer to your question “does my ex boyfriend still love me” is likely “yes”. The fact is that he won’t be interested in knowing how you are doing if he has moved. He is probably asking to know if you are dating someone else now, and to know if he still has a chance to get you back.


If your ex boyfriend hasn’t started dating yet, you can be sure that he is still finding it difficult to let you go. The fact that he hasn’t dated another girl since the breakup shows that he still loves you, and hoping that you both will reunite someday.

However, if he jumps into a new relationship immediately after the breakup, don’t worry. This is definitely a rebound relationship, and it has been proven that most rebound relationship fail. He is probably dating another girl in order to take his mind off the breakup. If he has started dating, you must be patient. Don’t make the mistake of begging and crying to him to take you back, this will simply do more harm than good to the situation.

Push and Pull

Does your ex boyfriend push you away and pull you closer after a while? If he pushes you away and pulls you closer in a short time, you can be convinced that the answer to your question “does my ex boyfriend still love me” is certainly “yes”. This may actually confuse you, but you shouldn’t let it weigh you down because it’s a good sign. This simply implies that he isn’t sure if he wants to reunite or not. The good sign is that he will definitely come back to you once he has given into his heart.

“Does my ex boyfriend still love me?” If he shows one or more of the signs above, you can be pretty certain that he still has strong feelings for you. However, the list is inexhaustible and these are only a few signs. The fact that your ex boyfriend shows one or more of these signs doesn’t automatically indicate that getting him back will be a walk in the park. There are certain issues that led to the breakup in the first place and until you deal with them, getting back together might be easier said than done.

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