Is Having Sex with Your Ex Boyfriend Going to Help You Win Him Back

“Should you have sex with your ex boyfriend?” If you are asking this question, chances are that you think that by having sex with him you will be able to rekindle his love for you again. However, you must reconsider you decision to avoid making a wrong move. Once women have sex with their ex, they normally feel that they are back together with their ex; however this isn’t the case for men. You must understand that men think differently when it comes to relationship. Is having sex with your ex going to help you win him back? Continue reading to find out.

First, it’s important to note that men value what is rare. In other words, the things that men work for are the only things that are important to them. This simply means that a man will commit to a woman he feels is rare. Therefore, if you make yourself special, valuable and rare, your ex will become committed to you. That is why you must not sleep with him until you both have reunited. This doesn’t mean you have to “pressure” him to reunite. The idea of getting back together must be his. At the same time, you must avoid having sex with him.

Secondly, not having sex with your ex boyfriend will help to occupy more of his “mind space.” He is going to be mindful of you. Even more important is the fact that, it’s going to make him want to work to sleep with you, and thus making him commit to you. Therefore, the longer you abstain from having sex with him, the more he will long to sleep with you and thus making him commit.

In addition, choosing not to have sex with your ex boyfriend will increase respect for you. Your ex is never going to respect you if you sleep with him. In fact, you will never be able to win him back if you do this. He is going to think that you both are having pleasure and nothing more than that. Don’t be surprised if he introduces someone else to you as his girlfriend someday. After all, you are not his girlfriend but just friends with benefit.

Also, not having sex with your ex boyfriend will make the process of reconciliation faster. As far as I know, getting your ex back after sex may be impossible. Why is that so? Won’t love making help to rekindle his love for you again? Well, sex is a wrong foundation for building love upon. In fact, he is going to lose interest in you. However, if you do not give in to sex, this will keep his desire for you piqued. When this happens, reconciliation becomes faster.

However, in a situation whereby things are going on well between the two of you and you’re refusing to have sex with him, he will ask you why? You do not want to tell him that you’re “holding out for reconciliation,” but rather you should let him know that “You don’t indulge in casual sex anymore.”

After all has been said, it is evident that having sex with your ex will ruin your chances of getting back together with him. Therefore, you must never have sex with your ex no matter how much you still love him and want him back.

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