Can You Be Friends with Your Ex Boyfriend – Little Known Tips For Women!

Those women who can’t take their mind off their ex completely often ask, “can you be friends with your ex boyfriend?” I understand that you still have strong feelings for your ex boyfriend and so you want to keep the lines of communication open. You feel that being friends with him will help you get him back. Perhaps, he gets in touch with you regularly and sometimes he acts as if he still wants to be with you. Now, it seems like being friends with him will help you to get him back in your arms, right? Think again.

If you are thinking about being friends with your ex boyfriend, you might end up like most women who have been used and hurt. The fact is that, the moment your ex starts seeing you as a friend, he is going to treat you as one. Now, don’t be surprise that he might start talking to you about other girls. Worst still, you might suddenly find him in a serious relationship with someone else. Meanwhile, you are hoping that the both of you will get back together some day.

Getting back together with your ex might be impossible if you are friends with him. This is because, he can always reach you at anytime and thus he won’t miss you. Your presence doesn’t mean anything to him. Making your ex miss you is very important if you want to win him back. So, you must give him space. The moment he realizes that you are doing well without him, he will be attracted to you again.

If your motive for being friends with your ex boyfriend is to get him back, you are going to simply be faking the friendship. Remember, he is not a fool, he will definitely sense your motive for being friends with him. This is definitely not right, since this will let him know that you can’t live without him. Often, your emotions will show him that you still have feeling for him. Guess what? He is going to feel pompous which might lead to the end of your relationship for good.

Also, being friends with your ex boyfriend can as well result in an unevenness of power between the two of you. Despite the fact that it might not be intentional, he could start seeing you a person who doesn’t want to leave his life, regardless of the maltreatment he gives to you. You are trying to force yourself back into the relationship. And you are expecting his call everyday as if you are the only thing he should think about. It’s wrong. The fact is that, he might not show this attitude, but this is what goes on in his mind.

Can you be friends with your ex boyfriend? Emphatically no! Even if he suggests that you both be friends, you don’t need to think twice, your simple answer should be NO!

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